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Created By Becca


Created By Becca is my Instagram Art Blog. On this feed I will post all of my artwork from past to present, similar to a scrap book. I enjoy photography as well, so it's fun to me to be able to create more art from my artwork by taking photos of them to post. The initial idea for this new feed came from struggling with deciding where to post my new work. I have a personal instagram as well as an instagram for my brand. Most artwork that I create isn't always suitable to be sold in my shops and I know that most artists do not want to follow personal accounts and prefer accounts heavily art based. So, to solve my own problem I decided to create an account to post and talk about each one of my pieces.


I have had some much better engagements on my posts with this account than I have ever had posting my artwork on my personal account. I've been able to build a following of artists utilizing my other project, The Artist Follow Loop, as well as following hashtags and engaging in fellow artists posts. I've learned that posting 1-2 times a day is best, either very early in the morning or late at night. I've also accumulated a collection of hashtags I use on every post that I connect to my whole feed, and personalizing each post by just adding a few specific ones in order to individualize it. 

The plan/goal with this new account is to promote my new VSUAL art account! VSUAL allows me to sell framed art prints to clients and fan all over the world by simply just uploading my pieces digitally. I have a range of works available, and as a grow my following I hope to grow my quantity of customers! 

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